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*Feel overwhelmed and need a “me” day?  *Have unfulfilled dreams?  *Dealing with trauma or loss?  *Reconstructing your life?  *Need some lifestyle changes?  *Keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result?  *Feel a sense of seeking and not finding?  *Need a bit of Body-Mind boost?

Then this day is just for you! Join a group of women just like you for a day of empowerment,  transformation, growth, bonding and renewing while having fun!

Dr. Monica has been facilitating her Lotus Woman ® Empowerments for any years and has helped hundreds find their footing, fulfill their dreams, and live the life they seek and deserve.

Women, like Lotus flowers come in many shapes, colors and from different backgrounds, and like the Lotus sometimes growing from muddy waters and rocking bottoms, but all emerging beautifully given the right conditions. Never doubt the Lotus in you, come bloom with us!


Day’s Agenda:


Workshop: Letting go of the past


Workshop: Finding joy in the present


Workshop: Designing the life you’ve always dreamed

Sound Healing and Visualizations


When: April 13th, 2024

Where: Curate Studio: 3651 Green Level W Rd Suite 101, Apex, NC 27523

Investment: $149.99 (early bird until 12/31/23) and $174.99 thereafter (all activities and lunch included)

Prior registration required due to capacity. To register, please contact Monica Dabney at

919-762-0729 Directions Contact/Schedule